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Frequently Asked Questions:

What's the difference between an Independent Agent like Bittner Insurance Agency and a State Farm or Allstate Agent?

A. Independent Agents represent many different companies, while those other agents represent the company they work for. Independent Agents help you, the consumer, when you buy insurance by checking with several different companies in order to find you the lowest price.

How can other Independent Agents give me an instant quote over the phone, and Bittner Insurance Agency has to call me back?

A. Many other agents do a lot of guessing and give you a price just to get you in their door. Bittner Insurance Agency tries to give you the best and most honest no-pressure price that we can. This may take a little longer, but the quality of the quote is much better.

Why do you need to check my credit score to do a quote?

A. Most insurance companies have found that your financial responsibility is a strong indicator of your likelihood to make a claim. [Click here] for more information. Although a credit check is not required to get insurance, the companies that do not check credit often have higher prices than those that do not. Even if your credit is bad, it at least lets us get a quote from those companies that do check credit. This helps us make sure we are getting you the lowest rate.

I recieved a notice of cancellation, but I sent in my payment. Why?

A. Most insurance companies are automated. This means that a computer handles how many things run. Many times, if the computer sees that your payment has not come in the day after it was due, even though it may be in the mail or processing, it automatically sends you a cancellation. If the computer sees that you have made your payment before your cancellation date, a notice of rescission will be sent. This is very common, as many people mail their payment on or near the day it is due.

I got a notice from the state that my SR-22 was canceled, but I sent in my payment. Why?

A. As with the previous question, when the computer sees that your payment has come in, the insurance company is legally required to send what is called an SR-26 to the state. The SR-26 is an indication that your insurance is or will be canceled. At this point the state sends you the letter saying your SR-22 is canceled. As soon as the insurance company processes your payment, another SR-22 is sent to the state.

Is it possible to do too many changes to my policy?

A. Yes, but its rare. The insurance company's computer (and it varies from company to company) can only hold so many changes until it runs out of room. They allow the customer to make quite a few changes to their policy, and very rarely does anyone actually make that many changes.

Why is my bill always significantly different?

A. Numerous factors can effect your bill. If your policy was issued at a different price because of additional violations, for example, your bill would be different. Multiple changes to your policy change the amount of equity required to keep your policy in force. This causes many problems with your billing cycle, and is most often the source of the confusion. Equity can be confusing, for more information about what equity is and how it effects your policy, contact your Bittner Insurance Agency Customer Service Representative.

I lost my ID Cards! What do I do?

A. Some companies, such as Progressive, allow you to reprint your ID Cards from their website. If your company does not support that, call your local Bittner Insurance Agency office and they will be able to reorder or reprint your ID Cards that day.

Do I have to talk to my Bittner Insurance Agent when I have a question or need to make a change?

A. Of course not! Each office has at least one highly trained Bittner Insurance Agency Customer Service Representative available to help you with any questions you have, often instantly and without the need for the Bittner Insurance Agent to call you back. Some services are available online as well.


A statistician who computes insurance risks and premiums.

Adverse Carrier
Term used to refer to the other party’s insurance company.

An individual who acts as a representative for the company and sells insurance, usually on a commission basis. This individual could be an "exclusive" or "non-exclusive agent."

Agreed Price
The price or cost of repairs agreed to by the AD (auto damage) adjuster or independent appraiser and the body shop representative.

Process that determines the value of property, or the extent of damage, usually performed by an impartial expert.

A process of settling a dispute through an impartial party. It is used as an alternative to litigation.

A temporary agreement declaring that the policy is in effect. Used in certain cases to protect a policyholder when it is not possible to issue or endorse the policy immediately.

Any request or demand for payment under the terms of the insurance policy.

Individual or entity presenting a claim.

Collision Coverage
Pays for damage to an insured vehicle when it hits or is hit by another car or object, or if the car overturns. This coverage is subject to the terms, limits and conditions of your policy contract.

The portion of the insurance contract which outlines the duties and responsibilities of both the insured and the insurance company.

Protection and benefits provided in an insurance contract.
The portion of a claim you pay out of pocket. Choosing a higher deductible will lower your insurance premiums.